FO 10/08

Finally finished: Julia. Am I happy with her? I am not sure yet …


I am relieved to have her finished because it took me endless weeks to reach this goal. Long sleeves + tiny needles are kind of hell and knitting three or four projects at the same time did not help 😉 But I wanted Julia and for the last three days I made an effort to complete the second sleeve.

I do love the yarn which is RYC Cashcotton 4 ply – it is soft and light and the colour is great – don’t judge by the pictures! The colour is called seaspray and is a pale greyish seagreen. Very vintage looking.

The pattern was easy to follow and to memorize, the fitting is perfect. I only went one needle size down and choose the smallest size due to my loose tension. Although I made it some three centimeters longer than given in the pattern, I still think, Julia could be a bit longer on me. I begin to think that I am not that short waisted as it looks – my legs are pretty long with 1,12 m, so I might have been mislead when looking in the mirror.

That is the next point – I do not like those pictures and that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable about my relationship with Julia. My hair is too short and too plain this time and my mood today is generally bad – poor Julia! It is not her fault 😉

All in all, it was nice to knit but I won’t knit anything long-sleeved for some time.

5 thoughts on “FO 10/08”

  • TITLE:
    It is gorgeous!!!! I love it! Now I want to make one for myself!!!

    I totally understand the whole long sleeves thing… It took me a long time to complete my purple sweater too!

  • TITLE: Boah, brav!!
    Total brav siehst Du damit aus. Ich glaub zur Jeans sieht die Julia besser aus 😉
    Also, eigentlich ein tolles Werk, ich bewundere Dich echt. Aber irgendetwas gefällt mir an dem teil nicht. Sind es die gemusterten langen Ärmel? ich weiss nicht…also ich glaube, Du müsstest echt eine ziemlich coole Hose dazu anziehen. Abgewetzte Jeans. Also ICH würd das tun.
    Sonst fehlt gleich noch das Schürzchen und das Tablettchen und ein “Jawohl, die Dame!” :)))
    Nimm mich nicht ernst bitte, ich bin total abgenutzt im gehirn und absolut urlaubsreif (wie Du ja in meinem Blog lesen konntest ;D )
    LG Eva, die Daliet in weissem Cashcotton angeschlagen hat 😉

  • TITLE:
    It is gorgeous once again andrea!! 🙂 I love the colour, and the ribbon so much 🙂 very pretty. it makes me think i shall retry to knit it 😉

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