FO 18/08

So, what’s going on here? Well, many things happened since the last English entry. With Steve being constantly away for work the little boys kept me busy around the clock. Nevertheless I started sewing which is difficult for me. You need to be so much more accurate than I can normally manage. I am far from being a perfectionist so the first skirt came out a little bit – let’s say – unusual 😉 The second one was just the wrong pattern and did not flatter at all. But it is getting better, slowly but I know love doing it.

But for today there is no sewing but knitting to talk about. As much as I love to sew, I am a KNITTER 🙂

Here we go: Caledonia from Weldons. Not that Scottish because I did without the plaids although it would have been very trendy right now. But what about tomorrow?

What can I say? I do have another favourite sweater in my closet. I love the colour, a vibrant cherry red. I love the yarn, the incomparable Rowan 4ply soft. I love the buttons, vegetable ivory ones from the 20s. I love the puffed sleeves and the little bows. I love the triangular waistline. I love the moss stitch bands. I think, this one is one of the best jumpers I made – togehter with Daliet and the Diamond Lace jumper. I do love this one! And I think ti goes well with the skirt – which is my third attempt to sew a skirt. What do you think?

BUT: there is also something bad going on. Lamour sucks. Totally. Whenever I start knitting a non-vintage jumper something seems to be wrong. Like many others I fell in Love with this design and so I started using BdF’s Berlaine. The yarn is quite stiff and a little bit scratchy and working with it is not relaxing. So I did not like the making but I wanted Lamour. Wanted it desperately.

Well, now I am kind of desperate. Didn’t I say many many times that we all should listen to the little voice which tells us it would not work? Why is it so difficult to listen? I finished the back and the front with aching fingers and a stiff neck, sew it together, even made the neckband, put it on and – hated it. Hated it very much. Although it is lacy and slim there is no fit in it, no drape, no elegance, no nothing. It might look better with sleeves on but not good enough to tempt me (I am a Mr. Darcy who will not be convinced to love this strange creature)!

Next trouble came late last night after finishing the Non-Scottish-Caldonia. I’ve been sick all weekend and slept most of those days. So I wasn’t that tired and wanted to watch a film in bed and knit. Easy to understand if you are a knitter, too. Every sickness has its advantages. But what to knit? There are boxes and boxes full with yarn. Which one to choose? Which pattern? I think I possess by now more than 300 vintage patterns and there was NOTHING to be found. Do you believe this? There are some very elegant ones I would love to make but as much as I love working with my tiny needles and the 4 ply’s I am still frightened when reading things as: inc 1 each side ev 1/2″ – 12. Now 175 sts on needle … Everything with more than 135 stitches for the back is not yet for me. Sad, isn’t it?

At last I decided in favour of a very simple jumper with a ribbed pattern, using Filatura di Crosa’s Zarina in a light green -not exactly my colour but still lovely. A little bit like Mimi Cardigan. Buying all my yarn via Internet is an adventure 🙂

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11 thoughts on “FO 18/08”

  • TITLE:
    Das sieht sehr elegant aus ! Der rote Pulli steht dir fantastisch. Und der Rock sowieso. Ich wünschte, ich könnte solche Röcke tragen, aber meine Rückseite hat zu viel fülle und es sieht nicht wirklich gut gut aus.

    LG Eva

  • TITLE: Zu viel
    hintenrum? Und dann soll ein solcher Rock blöd aussehen??? Ich wünschte, das wäre mein Problem – ich weiß schon, warum ich mich nur von vorne zeige … Gerade Kurven sähen doch toll aus in so einem Stöffchen (Neidneidneid!)


  • TITLE:
    how lovely to have a post i can read as well as view!

    the skirt is delicious so sewing obviously does suit you. i am very envious of the Caledonia – it is a perfect shape for you. the color so rich it should have a nutritional warning!

  • TITLE: Hi 🙂
    Nice to hear from you. I am still embarrassed that I started to write in English and then couldn’t manage it for months. Knowing that most of my German fellow knitters do understand English I just made a fresh start and hope I will continue …

    Thanks for the comment….and right back at ya! That sweater is *so* fabulous it hurts me!! Way to go! I can’t wait to learn how to knit! That’s the next endeavor….

  • TITLE:
    Whenever I took a look at your blog I have very high expectations and you never disappoint me. The shape and the colour of the sweater are very flattering on you and the development of your sewing skills is quite formidable, too.

  • TITLE: oh wow!
    das ist aber schön, das pullöverchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    und diese fotos, sag mal, würdest du gern in den alten zeiten leben 😉
    lg eva

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