FO 19,20,21/08 + FNO 04,05/08

Looks like a chemist’s formula 😉 After all this weeks of illness (still there are some sick kids around) I finally found the time to take some pictures. Mind you, these pictures are even worse than usual: the weather and therefore the light kept changing every minute and I still did not find the perfect place for head-to-toe-photos. Well, I couldn’t help it so here we go:


First FO is the ivory cotton skirt. Pattern is from Patrones 272, the René Lezard skirt. It is flared and covers the knee and the funny thing about this pattern is the fact that I did not need to change one thing, especially not in length. That was quite a surprise because a lot of bloggers out there mentioned that Spanish women tend to be shorter than I am . But in my opinion the fit around the hip and the length are perfect. Perhaps you get an idea by looking at my pictures.


Next finished project was the little green jumper – it is vintage inspired with its double moss stitch diamond pattern, the close-fitting form and those little buttons on the neck opening. I used one of my favourite yarns, the Zarina from Filatura di Crosa. So soft, so warm, so great to wear. Once more I love the outcome although I wasn’t sure if it would work. What do you think?

When I said the jumper was the second FO I did not tell the exact truth: when I was in bed and feeling terrible I saw the need for a hat and a scarf – both things I hate to knit. But it was a must-do, let’s say. So I went through my stash, found some cherry-red acrylic yarn (Schachenmayr Livello – soft to touch) and casted on. First for the vintage beret Rowan 44. It was a quick knit which everybody loves to point out – it took me one afternoon. And I was astonished to find that it kind of suits me – I keep telling everybody that I look absolutely stupid with something on my head.


Having finished the beret the need of a scarf in the same colour became even more urgent. I chose Haven from Kim Hargreaves’ Heartfelt and those two items go well together; I think. In the beginning I intended them to be worn with my black coat, but then I got brave: Two days ago I had an appointment at the hairdresser in the city and wore my new blue-green coat with beret and scarf. That was an event: people stared at me, some even greeted kindly or smiled with joy. Walking around that colourful when everybody else goes for black seems to attract more attention than I expected. Not sure yet if I could stand that on a daily base, though. Let me ask you once more: what do you think?


The last FO is another skirt, Burda 09-2008-119 – a simple pencil skirt with a pleat panel on the back. I did not lengthen it – I was simply too lazy, but I think it is alright as it is. The material is an elastic wool in a very dark grey. I think it might go well with my vintage jumpers.

Now I have to think about what to sew next. Surely another skirt but which one? There is a skirt in a 30s fashion in the new Burda …

5 thoughts on “FO 19,20,21/08 + FNO 04,05/08”

  • TITLE: colorful clothes in the winter – that rules!
    Ich finde man MUSS sich im Winter farbenfroh kleiden! Das Beret und Schal mit dem Mantel zusammen (und Dir) sind eine wahre Augenweide!

    sagte joanna die einen grauen Mantel besitzt, eine schwarze Jacke und ebenfalls in grau: Schal, Mütze sowie Handschuhe 😉 (bah!)

  • TITLE:
    As always, love all the FOs 🙂 I haven’t seen the latest Burda yet (we get them 3 months after you do !) but i do love retro fashion 😉 Hope the illness is going away too 😛

  • TITLE: Lust auf Nähen
    Wenn ich deine Einträge sehe, bekomme ich so richtig Lust zu nähen. Ich bin dabei, mir ein Handarbeitszimmer einzurichten – da gibts dann auch einen großen Tisch, auf dem ich meine Nähsachen liegen lassen kann. Die Röcke stehen dir ausgezeichnet, die Pullis sind wunderhübsch – wann machst du denn das alles?

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